This application privacy policy (referred to as "This privacy policy") explains the handling of personal information concerning the iOS application "Easy Read Aloud" (referred to as "This application") provided by Hiroaki Ito. Please confirm the contents of This Privacy Policy and understand it before using This application.

Collection of personal information

This Application collects personal hearing test results in the device, but no external transmission is performed.
Also, this application uses Google AdMob for ad delivery. I do not collect personal information or send it to the outside except by advertisement distribution.

Purpose of using personal information

The test results collected by this application are used only for display by this application. It will not be used for anything else.
Also, this application uses a third party distribution advertisement service for advertisement distribution.
For details on Google's advertisement, please see below.

Disclosure / provision of personal information to a third party

Since the test results collected by this application exist only in the device and are not sent to the outside, I am unable to know anything. So I will not disclose / provide personal information to third parties.
For Google ads, please refer to the details about Google's advertisement described in "Purpose of using personal information" above.

Change of privacy policy

This privacy policy may be changed without notice.


For inquiries about personal information management, please contact the following e-mail address.

First edition 2020.4.20